An internet of pets project

Open crowd funded IoT plaform for run your biotope hobby
Includes device sensor management and dashboard anlytics.
Version 0.4 alpha. Free to use.

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Nós falamos línguas diferentes. Pensamos um pouco diferente. Estamos unidos pelo nosso hobby de animais de estimação.
We speak different languages. We think a little differently. We are united by our pet hobby.

Our main hobbies and professional activities are marine aquarium studies, the breeding of fish, amphibians and reptiles, as well as the cultivation of orchids, bromeliads and epiphytic plants. Professional experience in this industry for more than 10 years.

Our service

We serve Raspberry®, Arduino®, ESP32 and other platforms, PIC® microprocessor solution types and others.
The main focus is on equipment manufacturers and enthusiasts.
Main position of our project is to be mutually kind and useful.

Fully Compartible

Simple responsive engine allows to support all platforms of microprocessors to receive data and save, process and show on any device.

Speed Optimized

Minimalism. We chose a simple design not by chance. Even with poor cariier, you cant lose control. The data widget uses a 8 kB data packet only.

Infinite progress

The main founder of the project is a data processing company. We have programmers who implement any task. Full vendor customization.

Own cloud

Own cloud servers in 3 countries provides smallest response time and fast data operation. Own staff allows to solve rapidly any issue.


And get an special offers yearly


 2019 Sep. v 0.1. Raw data analytics.
 2020 Oct. v 0.2. Multiple device. https encryption.
 v 0.3. Comparator and realtime. Android vidget.
 v 0.4 alpha. Dashboard. Cloudservers. Free use.
Future features:
 v 1.0beta. Manual data input and parameter log. Diary. Calendar. Photo gallery. Two-way management support.
 Ihnabitants database.Treatment recipes and log.

Our self-sufficiency

We are self-sufficient project. The funds are used to increase computing power, colocation and internet service, electricity bills, purchase of spare parts.
All work is carried out by project participants voluntarily with no cost.
Because we need either small donations or help with work.


For hobbyist we offer free service. Several limitations to one device, the depth of the data archive, as well as the limitations of advanced functions that require perceptile load. Offline support.

Valued customer

The customer who donates small yearly subscribe or owner of the the equipment by our partner vendors or DIY makers registered in the system. No charges. Standard functionality. Expandabe and upgradable. Support from vendor.

Pro service

For very advanced users and companies. Most demanded by aquaservice providers and veterinarians. Multiple devices, multiple user profiles of the same account, without any restrictions. Direct support.


Producent. Factory. Trademark. Vendor. DIY maker. Provides service such as repository-update server, bots, api for widgets and managing, the device database and the like. We'll develop everything you need for your devices. Personal assistant online.

Get In Touch

E·CO is a big crowdfunding project, and for each vendor we have own interface, functions requested by the owner. It doesn’t matter if you are doing DIY or you are a big company and just want to use the system. Our pets and their owners deserve the best and most comfortable.

Contact Address

We welcome new DIY makers,and vendors whose heart is open for living world hobby. For producers we provide all the necessary monitoring and service tools, custom sercice commands, firmware updates etc.
!Congratulamo-nos com novos fabricantes de bricolage e fornecedores cuja loucura no hobby do mundo vivo. Somos capazes de fornecer uma ferramenta tão poderosa para você ficar mais amigável e ergonômica.

Visc Coruche 100, Outerio Vela
Caskais Portugal 2750382

E: [email protected]
P: +351.963 170 364
T: +351.968 921 631

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Short syntax description

The main analytical API for collecting analytical data is fully compatible with popular Internet projects and differs only in the greater availability of free functions. HTTP call string for recording data using GET or POST is guided by simple rules as at example:{api_key}&field{index}={value}&field{y}={value}&field{z}={value}... where is

{api_key} - pre-setted in user personal cabinet API key, {index} - number of data field, from 1 to 10000, {value}- data value

To get data you can use http or json request such as:

.../channels/{channel_id}/fields/{field_id}.{format} for one sensor
.../channels/{channel_id}/feeds.{format} for all sensors at channel

  Instead of raw analytical data collecting and analytics our IOH system able to collect and use several important info (ip adress, hardware version, vendor ID, passwords, e.t.c) to obtain more service capability and usage of advanced feature and future functions. For this feature secondary API entry point is used.
  This API has some restrictions on the service and timeout time which explained at end user and participant agreement. Full end-user version avaiable inside each user cabinet as SYNTAX RULES OF SECONDARY API / DATA RECORDS & DESCRIPTIONS.

Also, we have Swagger-based english-slavic translated developer tool and short manual.


  Custom/random data.  Manual analytical data input.
  One request - any acessible server.
  Sharing for pros. Many users- one account.
  Hugs! Any task may be solved with our team, just ask us!

For DIY masters  &  small manufactures:

  Your own brand proprietary features supported.
  Extra case: your vendor admin panel to support customers
  No more any "limited term free use promo"
  Live support and discussing
  We can make your own system solution
  Low, reasonable and flexible fees for extra value projects

Also, Android widget "E-CO.ONE " avaiable at PlayMarket store